Amy Elias, MS

Awareness, Mindfulness and Culture Consultant, Functional Lifestyle Mind-Body Medicine, Special Education Mentor. Lifestyle Educational Consultant/ Wellness, Yoga Therapeutics and Writer For Huffington Post.

Amy has been a lifelong seeker of wisdom, eternal truths ever since she a little girl. She constantly questioned reality and wondered "the why" about most everything This made living so exciting and impatient to see what each day was going to bring, who she was going to meet and how she could be an uplifter, helper, healer to whether those who were either old,infirm or socially marginalized. She grew to love diversity in thought, people, lifestyle, paths chosen and Life just piqued her interest in way people live. It is the subtleties, their interests, their thoughts, their desires and mostly, who they are, were and why -and how did they become the person they became. Her ability to tune in to another's essence is her most brilliant gift. Amy is the creator of The Natural Rhythm Living System (TM) to recalibrate one's life through the art and science of chronobiology through her Eat. Sleep. Move. Pray. Love. pulsation approach. The IAP (TM) is the Individual Alignment Plan you take with you, specific to you, your life and those in it. It meets her SEAT standard: what is sustainable, easy authentic and true. Amy quickly discovered that we become more of ourselves as Life moves forward in Time and Space with our lives meant to expand dynamically. She has dedicated her Life to self study with the top scholars in their field. Her teachers are Harvard trained, Dr. Douglas Brooks, scholar of religion and philosophy; Dr. Bernie Siegel, living,loving and compassionate healing Life; Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Scholar and teacher from Vietnam who lives in Plum, Village, France; Yogiraj Alan Finger, ISHTA Yoga, the Art and Science of Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda; Sharon Salzburg, Insight Meditation, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Larry Rosenberg, Insight Meditation; Mantak Chia, Microsmic Orbit; Aveline and Michio Kushi of Kushi Institute for Macrobiotic Living, Learning and Loving the basis from which served as the nexus from where her expansion grew from and remains a solid foundation. She combines these wisdoms with the traditional studies of her dual certification in Humanistic Education, Special Education, Lifestyle and Functional Medicine. Amy blended these to what is known today as her very unique Real, Raw and Rowdy (TM) style to cultivate rapport, connection with integrity. The way Amy intersects these with the latest in the field of personal development, neuroscience, mind-body medicine, attitude, alignment and action creates a wholeness approach as a full psycho-physio-educational healing. She infuses these via public speaking, teaching, trainings, consultation services, LifeStyle education, philosophy, empowerment, motivation and inspiration. She is your advocate and highlights and shines your bright spots and your highest place to perform as the fully authenticated You. Amy raised her three now adult children naturally and holistically and had her two youngest children born at home, honoring the Life's natural rhythms. These three spectacular children still serve as her "In-Residence Professors" and as she says, "These children asked of me-not with words- to step up to be the most expansive self so I can assist them to be the best they could ever be. Vibrationally, I listened with all my senses, grew myself up and out and expanded and heeded the call. I am so grateful to these children as they continue to reflect parts of me as I question reality and dance on the edge of this ever expanding Universe." Amy is one of Long Island's first yoga teachers and set up and hosted top tier thought leaders with cutting edge educational seminars. She continues to host diversity of talent, with many cutting edge guest teachers in wellbeing beginning with Deepak Chopra. Amy's studies span subject matter from health and wellbeing, parenting, meditation, presence, integrative and transformative special education and medicine, psycho-educational consulting and public speaking within the domains of LifeStyle, She combines all these and cals herself a LifeStyle Educational Consultant and Yoga Life Coach/ She teaches you how to highlight the technology of self honor so wholeness can we woven back into lives lost due to fragmented living. She presently returned to the mainstream public schools with great appreciation to be inspired by the students, the teachers, the subject matter and relook into how we all roll in today's society and where we are going in education while honoring the emotional mental, spiritual and physical realms of being human.

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