Tony Smith

Co-founder, VSA Consulting Group

Tony co-founded VSA Consulting Group in 1985. He is an advocate, practitioner, and master coach of transformational leadership, which empowers the performance of corporate CEOs, executives, public leaders, and entrepreneurs to reach business success that exceeds any reasonable expectation. “The entire thrust of breakthrough leadership coaching,” Tony explains to executives for whom incremental improvement is essential yet insufficient, “is to produce a platform for action and thinking that clearly and specifically accounts for, yet moves decisively beyond, the past, and that would never be predictable based on the past.” Applying VSA coaching approaches, Tony “un-hooks” clients from the constraints the past has had on fulfilling their commitments. His work breaks open client creativity, vision, and effectiveness in such areas as: sales and marketing; leadership; teamwork; business operations that enable and realize strategic vision; innovative financing; and the wise and timely development of people as creative assets. A graduate of Harvard College, Class of ’69, Tony played for the ’68 “miracle” football team, the subject of the current, inspiring documentary, Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29. Tony holds a Masters in Education from the University of New Hampshire and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Counseling from Boston University. He is a Board Member for Getting Out/Staying Out, a social entrepreneurship organization that reduces recidivism at Rikers Island Correctional Facility from 60% to 20%. He is a Global Investor in the Hunger Project, which empowers the most impoverished women in the world to end their own hunger. Tony is married to Rosa Leader Smith, a master therapist, and has a daughter, Geneva Montana, who is a visionary leader in the world of anthropology.