Andra Brosh and Allison Pescosolido


Andra Brosh, Ph.D. and Allison Pescosolido, M.A., co-founders of Divorce Detox, are revolutionizing the way individuals overcome divorce. These visionaries developed a proven, proprietary program that reshapes perceptions and re-programs the mind and heart. Through the use of psychological modalities, education in life skills, and communal support Divorce Detox is rehabilitating the human spirit and restructuring the minds of divorcing individuals. The universal stories of loss, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge are re-written to encompass learning, personal responsibility, and acceptance. With advanced degrees in the field of Psychology, and as certified Grief Recovery Specialists® by The Grief Recovery Institute, Allison and Andra are pro-actively challenging and changing the stigma of divorce on a national level. Divorce Detox has been featured on the ABC news, and other media. Allison and Andra are the Divorce Recovery Experts for and Based in Santa Monica, California, Divorce Detox offers both local and national support for anyone going through separation and divorce.