Andrea Callanan

Voice expert, singer, musician, owner of, motivational speaker and lover of all things vintage!

Voice expert Andrea Callanan has a passion for people. She’s the dynamic owner of the award winning Sing & Inspire, the UK based Engagement Company best known for its motivational ‘Inspire’ workplace choirs and impactful team building workshops devoted to transforming people and business.

As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, often quoted in National press, Andrea is a vibrant motivational speaker commenting on business, women in leadership and her music industry experiences that led her to where she is today. She still sings, releases music and coaches singers, performers and speakers. Passionate about giving back, she’s a Big Ideas Role Model for the UK Welsh Government, mentor for young people in the creative industries, heads up the Young Institute of Directors for Wales and is the only female Strategic Board member for the Welsh Government’s Business Wales. Featured on TV, a regular on BBC radio and ‘nearly’ author, Andrea is ‘wonderfully creative,’ ‘razor sharp’ and definitely ‘one to watch.’