Andrea Chalupa

Author & Journalist

Andrea Chalupa is a writer, journalist, and producer in New York. Andrea helped launch online video for Condé Nast Portfolio and AOL Money & Finance. She reported on-camera for these outlets, covering the 2008 presidential conventions, the Sundance Film Festival, and Ford Motor Company's Scientific Research Laboratory. For the Huffington Post, Andrea writes on business, entertainment, and politics. Interviewing C.E.O.s and business leaders, Andrea's stories skew towards the offbeat, such as the popular "C.E.O.s Who Go to Burning Man" and "Bette Midler on Creating Green Jobs." As an online video host and producer, Andrea's on-camera interviews include discussing the blogosphere vs. the mainstream media with Arianna Huffington, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinksi of Morning Joe, and Bob Schieffer of CBS News. After graduating from the University of California at Davis with high honors in History, Andrea worked as a community organizer in the 2004 presidential election, wrote for the Portland Mercury in Portland, Oregon, attended the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, and lived in Kyiv, Ukraine where she auditioned to be a national news anchor for 5 Kanal, started a Doors-inspired band, and oversaw the translation of her grandfather's Soviet memoir about growing up under Stalin and his years as a tortured political prisoner in a secret NKVD prison. Andrea can be reached at andreawriting AT gmail DOT com.