Andrew B. Einhorn

Co-Founder/CEO, OhMyGov!

Andrew B. Einhorn, M.S. is a writer, management consultant, and environmental scientist by training, but that description bores even him. Prior to starting OhMyGov!, Mr. Einhorn worked as a public health consultant for John Snow Inc. Following his stint at JSI, Einhorn served as a management consultant and environmental specialist at ICF International, a publicly-traded management consulting firm based in Fairfax, VA. Mr. Einhorn has provided environmental analysis, policy development, communications, health information technology, and management support for a wide variety of private and public sector clients, including the the Department of the Navy, Missile Defense Agency, EPA, NRC, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation, NASA, DoD, HHS, VA, Santee Cooper Power Company, and the American Chemistry Council. Mr. Einhorn is an Adjunct Faculty member at Georgetown University and holds degrees from Emory University and The George Washington University. He has appeared in various print, radio, and television media, and has spoken at a myriad of conferences about his experiences and various books.