Andrew Fieldhouse

Economics Ph.D. Candidate

Andrew Fieldhouse is an economics Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University and a research associate of the Economic Policy Institute. He previously worked as a fellow with The Century Foundation, a federal budget policy analyst with EPI and TCF, and an assistant budget analyst with the House Budget Committee. Andrew’s areas of research and expertise include applied macroeconomics, public finance, macroprudential policy, housing credit policy, public investment, fiscal federalism, and political economy. He has written extensively on the impact of contractionary fiscal policy in the aftermath of the Great Recession, as well as the relationships between tax policy, economic growth, income inequality, and fiscal sustainability. Andrew has provided frequent commentary on budgetary and economic debates, and has appeared as a guest on CNN, PBS Nightly Business Report, C-SPAN, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, the BBC, and Al Jazeera English. He holds an M.S. in Economics from Cornell and a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Swarthmore College.