Andrew Luisi

Interfaith Advocate

Andrew Luisi is an interfaith advocate who is passionate about promoting plurality and cooperation between the religious and nonreligious alike.

He heard the call for interfaith work after having meetings with Interfaith Youth Core’s (IFYC) founder and president Eboo Patel. Since then, he was the president of the Interfaith Council at Wake Forest University, has written extensively on interfaith action, and traveled the world spreading peace awareness.

While studying in Israel-Palestine in 2013/14, he interned with Dr. Rabbi Ron Kronish and the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI).

Andrew holds an M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a B.A. from Wake Forest University in Religion.

He is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Interfaith Dialogue at Hartford Seminary as a Peacemaking Fellow. He will begin his Dr.Phil. at the Alanus University in Germany in September.