Andrew Z. Cohen

Founder and Editor in Chief, <em>EnlightenNext</em> magazine

Andrew Cohen is spiritual teacher, cultural critic, revolutionary idealist, founder of the non profit organization EnlightenNext, and editor-in-chief of its flagship publication, EnlightenNext magazine. A visionary thinker, Cohen is widely recognized for his original contribution to the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. Through his talks, intensive retreats, publications, and ongoing dialogues with leading philosophers, mystics, and activists, he is becoming a defining voice in an international alliance of individuals and organizations that are committed to the transformation of human consciousness and culture. His speaking engagements have included keynote addresses and presentations for the Integral Leadership in Action Conference, the LOHAS International Conference, the Association of Global New Thought, the Australian Institute for Management, IBM Management Group, Amsterdam, the International Conference on the Frontiers of Yoga and Consciousness Research, India, John F. Kennedy University, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado, New York University, Novozymes, Denmark, and the Parliament of World’s Religions, among others. Cohen participates in Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity and their Evolutionary Leaders Forum. Cohen is author of Living Enlightenment: Evolution Beyond Ego, Embracing Heaven and Earth and Enlightenment Is a Secret. He is currently writing a new book due for release in the spring of 2010.

In some rare cases the fullest illumination occurs spontaneously to some fortunate being. Such a being blesses the generation in which he or she happens to live and act. Andrew Cohen is one such being. He is a modern Western mystic who shines like a light in darkness.

His Holiness Swami Chidananda
President, Divine Life Society

Andrew Cohen is an important voice that needs to be heard. He brings a fresh and profound approach to spirituality grounded in his own awakened awareness, and he seeks nothing more than to awaken others to a freedom and fullness that is their own inherent condition.

Ken Wilber
Author of A Brief History of Everything,