Andy Pemberton

Editor in chief of new music website

Andy has over 20 years experience shepherding multi-million dollar media brands in the US and the UK. <br> <br> In the UK: <br> <br> • Andy has edited <em>Q</em>, Europe's biggest and most respected music magazine. He has presented the Q Awards and has been a regular talking head on BBC and Channel Four. <br> <br> • He has written for The <em>Guardian</em>, The <em>Observer</em>, <em>Q</em>, <em>Mojo</em>, <em>Esquire</em> and many more. <br> <br> • While at <em>Mixmag</em> in the 1990s he coined the term "trip hop" (see Oxford English Dictionary) and popularized the term "Superclub". <br> <br> In the US: <br> <br> • Andy launched <em>Blender</em> magazine, the approximately one million-selling competitor to <em>Rolling Stone</em> in the US in 2000. <br> <br> • At Blender, Andy won Ad Age's Launch of the Year in 2002 and became a regular on US TV including appearances on VH1, CNN and ABC. <br> <br> • He edited <em>Spin</em> magazine and re-launched <br> <br> • Andy has written for The <em>New York Times </em>and <em>GQ</em>.