Angelle Albright

Cancer Survivor, Believer, Blogger, Editor, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Wife, & Mother

A young cancer survivor, who turned a "Why Me" into "Why Not Me" by creating Chemo Beanies , a simple, stylish head cover to ease the burden of baldness during chemotherapy. Breast Cancer nearly took my life at just 38 years old, but surviving gave me the courage to leap into a whole new existance. When my sister was diagnosed 5 years after me, I couldn't believe there were still no suitable alternatives to wigs, scarves, hats, & turbans. I dreamed of a simple scarf like beanie that would stay in place and have a simple skirt to cover the back of the neck which wouldn't require tying anything. My brilliantly, talented niece scoured the fashion district in L.A. and made my words come to life for my sister. When my sister started wearing the beanies to Chemo, everybody wanted one, and a business was born. Within 3 years, we sold nearly 120,000 beanies and are situated in over 900 hospitals, gift shops, and mastectomy boutiques. Our mission is to take the burden out of baldness and ease the additional emotional pain women have to endure during cancer. We want women to be able to focus on their healthcare and not have to go on frantic searches to find the perfect headwear. Chemo Beanies is a quick solution to end the emotional battle of losing your hair when you are simply trying to survive.

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