Angie Mendoza

Student, climber, dancer, and artist

Angie Mendoza is a third-year student at the University of Southern California. She is double majoring in non-governmental organizations and social change and social sciences with an emphasis in psychology. She is not certain about her career plans after her expected graduation in May 2017 yet, but she is passionate about education reform and the empowerment and wellness of individuals. She is considering teaching, joining the peace corps, or founding a non-profit.

Angie is currently vice president of the USC Interfaith Council, and she has been studying world religions for over a year. Her religious background is Roman Catholic, but she currently identifies as spiritual and her main religious practices are centered around mindfulness. She is also a Wellness Advocate at the USC Office of Wellness and Health Promotion trained to lead mindful meditation workshops.

Among Angie's other interests are rock climbing, dancing, and visual arts.