Anika Poitier

Actress, filmmaker, jewelry designer

Anika Poitier grew up in Los Angeles, where she was always surrounded by the arts. She spent much of her childhood on sets, and tried to recreate the magic of movie making by orchestrating live performances at her parents dinner parties. At 18, She moved to New York City, where her love for the arts expanded to include acting and painting. Anika studied at Sarah Lawrence College, The American University of Paris, and The American Film Institute. After spending time abroad studying photography and writing, Anika returned to New York to work as an actor. While working in a number of independent films, she re-discovered the art of filmmaking. A medium she felt integrated all the things that she loved into a single creative expression. As a classically trained painter Anika became excited to trade her paintbrushes for a camera and bring her visual aesthetic to a new medium. As an actress and writer she could not wait to explore the lives of her characters with a visual detail that only film can provide. Anika then went on to write a number of short and feature length scripts, she has also directed several spec commercials, and short films; one of which is a documentary about the young homeless population in Hollywood. Anika’s feature film debut, The Devil Cats, won accolades on the festival circuit, including Tribeca Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, and won “Best Film” in its category at The Sonoma Valley Film Festival. Anika is currently writing her next feature film and co-designing her jewelry line Brooks Poitier.

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