Ann DeMarle

Champlain College Professor who directs its Emergent Media Center and is an expert in integrating educaiton, the arts and technology.

Professor Ann DeMarle directs Champlain College's Emergent Media Center and the MFA in Emergent Media. In 2006, she became the first Roger H. Perry chair after designing and directing the college's most popular degrees: the trio of Game degrees and Multimedia and Graphic Design.

Her portfolio includes such far-reaching partnerships as: United Nation's game to end violence against women, Ford Foundation wealth creation game, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Cystic Fibrosis games, Massachusetts General's CIMIT Emergency Response simulation, Flynn Theater's Duke Foundation innovation grant, NEH grant with Vermont, America's Army game levels, and an IBM virtual worlds project.

A frequent speaker on games, learning and emergent media, DeMarle holds a MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. Before entering academia she had a successful career creating computer graphics solutions for AT&T, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Kodak, Lotus, and IBM.

Much of DeMarle's work has involved the integration of education, arts, and technology. She has a profound belief in interdisciplinary, experiential life-long education. She has designed and directed the most popular degree programs at Champlain College: Multimedia and Graphic Design and the trio of Electronic Game majors. Key to each program is the understanding that students are entering into a complex world wherein creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking hold the keys to solving our largest cultural and environmental challenges. Her newest degree is the Masters of Fine Art in Emergent Media launched in Fall 2010. In Fall of 2013, DeMarle is launching a Masters of Science in Emergent Media in Shanghai, China, where students will work collaboratively and virtually between the Burlington, Vermont, and the Shanghai, China, campuses.

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