Anna Anderson

Quantum Living Coach & Trainer

Anna Anderson is an internationally accredited Life Coach; writer, media producer and facilitator based in Melbourne, Australia. In her never ending quest to find out how life works, since her teenage years Anna has embarked on a journey of growth and discovery in a personal and spiritual development space. Over few decades, she worked with and followed numerous teachers and thought leaders in this field, and engaged with the body of knowledge of Buddhism, energy healing, meditation, intuitive counselling, NLP, EMDR, neuroscience, epigenetics, nutrition, hypnosis, mysticism, psychology and quantum physics. A professional communicator, Anna develops her own coaching and training programs which are a blend of coaching, counselling and educating based on the Quantum Living principles – a term which she coined to encapsulate her unique approach. The key outcomes of Anna’s teachings are always an expanded self-awareness and self-empowerment, as well as a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. Anna writes, records in her own voice and produces her powerful Quantum Meditations which include the first ever Instructional Audio Theta Meditation, all available on her website. Anna works with people across Australia and internationally via Skype. Contact: Website/Blog: Email:

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