Anne Maxfield


Anne Maxfield was brought up in the early days of Julia Child, but back then what she really thrived on was the bounty of prepared foods. Onion rings in a can, on top of macaroni and cheese from a box, with those cute Vienna franks (also from a can), and there was a great dinner! Parents going out? Frozen pot pies, or even better, a TV dinner…bliss. Why whole grains and fresh vegetables, when there were canned or frozen foods? Fast forward to a new century. Anne Maxfield is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur. Her vision for the Accidental Locavore is to take the mystery out of farmer’s markets, and show you how she cooks with what’s local and fresh. With recipes, videos and a sense of humor, see how easy it is to take advantage of the best of farmers' markets. Anne, a brilliant business woman and entrepreneur is available for consulting projects from building businesses to recipe development. She is an excellent writer, has experience with social media, business, marketing, finance, starting or running a business, is passionate about food, and is intensely committed to any project she is involved with.

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