Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski

Los Angeles-based artist

Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski is a Los Angeles-based artist. Her current work involves the taming of wild energies; the heroics of domestic life, its passions and its limitations. We build something bigger than ourselves when we create home and family.

In past work, Sobieski used saturated colors and lush textures, processing images from the world around her, exploring emotional undercurrents, inevitable loss, and the instinct to protect what is loved.

“I want imagery to be as direct as possible, but also suggestive of things beyond the obvious,” says Sobieski. “A particular image may serve as a point of entry, but what is ultimately revealed carries more depth—more reality—than the original visual reference.”

Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Claremont Graduate University (2011) and a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Art Center College of Design (1995). Sobieski also studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and with LA artist and mentor, Tom Wudl (see LA Louver).

In late 2005 through 2006, she lived in Shanghai, China, and traveled throughout Asia. “Painting in China, I was influenced by the composition of Asian art, and by its grace and ethereal qualities. It led me to paint abstracted landscapes and florals.”

“When paint is working, I feel an energy coming off the wall,” says Sobieski. “I love the magic of what paint does on a canvas, and how strong an impact that can have.”

Previously, Sobieski’s work has been shown at the Sarah Bain Gallery (Anaheim/Brea, CA), Sullivan Goss Gallery (Santa Barbara, CA), and MSG in Pasadena, CA and Shanghai, China. She also has taught: at Art Center, LACHSA, Flintridge Prep (visiting artist), and privately through workshops for adults and young people at her studio in South Pasadena.

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