Annette Ramos

Director for Early Learning Through the Arts, Young Audiences of Rochester

Ms. Ramos has worked as a highly acclaimed professional teaching artist for Young Audiences of Rochester (YA) for many years. She recently was promoted to YA’s Director for Wolftrap/Early Learning Through the Arts, and Manager of Educational Services. Ms. Ramos is best described as a multi-talented, highly dynamic and energized Latina Writer, Storyteller and Performance Artist who delivers a clear and powerful positive image of Hispanics today. Ms. Ramos has influenced the development of many youth during her 15 plus years of providing art residencies and programming in Rochester, NY.

Ms. Ramos has distinguished herself as a large committed arts education advocate, teaching thousands of students. A Master Storyteller, Ms. Ramos is a well respected, animated, uplifting and enthusiastic Latina performer, producing and performing original & world tales enriched with dance, mime, a plethora of characters, and personal touches. She has been acknowledged for her transformational contributions receiving several Recognition Awards from the Rochester City School District and winning Writers & Book’s 2004 Teacher of Youth Award.

Annette Ramos provides a leading Hispanic artistic presence in the Rochester area, volunteering and contributing to young peoples’ lives, mentoring them to reach their full potential and supporting their academic success through high quality arts programming. She is an excellent, professional and well respected performer, teaching artist, mentor and administrator. She is consistently a “favorite”, and her development and organization of Latino and multi ethnic, multidisciplinary artists has led to improved educationally sound arts experiences.

Additionally, Ms. Ramos continues to play a leadership role by increasing opportunities for Latino Artists. She founded the Rochester Latino Theatre Company and is currently in her second year of producing duel-language Latino Theater for Rochester audiences. She is always recruiting new talent, mentoring them as actors, playwrights, directors and theater artists. As a relatively new endeavor, We are pleased that she has taken on this responsibility. She has brought much energy, ideas and a spirit of collaboration that ensures its continued success.

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