Annie Vovan

Lifestyle and Family Photographer for Philanthropy

Annie Vovan is a lifestyle and wedding photographer from sunny Santa Monica. She founded Lens for Life, a movement that marries photography with philanthropy by donating a portion of every session to charity. At the core of Annie’s photography philosophy is her "Just B.E. "{Beautiful & Empowered} session offered to women of all ages, sizes, and walks of life to celebrate their individuality and the beauty they radiate. She is especially passionate about empowering new moms, and offers documentary style Mommy & Me sessions. She loves being one, more than she could have ever predicted.

Though she earned her doctorate in pharmacy in 2001, her love for capturing life's special moments surpasses that of dispensing drugs. Though her pharmacist brain will always stay with her, her heart has always been in the creative world. Drugs, she found, weren't that creative.

A retired bridezilla, she lends her perspective as a past bride as well as a photographer and randomly a former co-owner of an event planning and catering company.

You can find Annie enjoying her life as a mom to her one year old. They enjoy long walks on the beach, and they are on a lifelong journey in search of the best empanadas in town.