Antonella Notari Vischer

Executive Director of the Womanity Foundation

After working for over 18 years with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a field-based Delegate in different armed conflicts, and as the main Spokesperson and Head of Public Communication, I entered the microfinance sector as Director of Corporate Communication at BlueOrchard in Geneva from early 2008 until November 2009. As of January 2010, I am heading The Womanity Foundation. I am also a founding member of "Giving Women", a platform for and on women in philanthropy which I helped start in Geneva, Switzerland. I also serve on the board of Win-Win Strategies, a consultancy service which strategically connects the power of business with the deep assets of women’s funds and organizations to empower women globally. I hold a MSc in Media and Communication from the London School of Economics and a licence ès letters from the University of Geneva.