Antwan Dobson

Public Policy, Politics and Pop Culture enthusiast; Chicago Firefighter/Paramedic.

Antwan's humble beginnings as a foster child on the westside of Chicago could've made him a statistic; yet his enthusiasm and inquisitiveness kept him alive, through the draw of the neighborhood firehouse. At the age of eight, Antwan's love affair with the fire service began, as he spent countless days at the firehouse, taking in the culture, the rhythms and the sounds of emergency management and he was hooked. After becoming a paramedic, Antwan applied and was called for his dream job as a Chicago Firefighter, a position he is held for over 10 years. In addition to his love for Fire and EMS, Antwan is also a history buff and political enthusiast, who has blogged about current events, in both arenas, for Chicago Now and other publications. Antwan has been a political contributor on Fox News Chicago and to several local and national campaigns for progressive candidates, in a variety of elections. Antwan holds a B.S in Fire Service Administration, a M.S in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University and a MA in Public Policy Administration from Northwestern University. Antwan is married to his wife, Rebecca, and has one daughter and two step-sons.