Andrew P. Klager, PhD

Andrew P. Klager is the Director of the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice (St. Stephen's University):

Andrew Klager is the director of the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice ( at St. Stephen's University and an adjunct professor in the History Department at Trinity Western University. He earned his PhD in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow in 2011, completing his dissertation on Balthasar Hubmaier's use of and attitude towards the Church fathers. Dr. Klager has published and presented widely on the 16th-c. Radical Reformation, focusing especially on the reception of the Church fathers in this movement and period, the Anabaptist peace tradition, the Radical Reformation and human rights, Anabaptist sacramentology, and interfaith engagement in the Radical Reformation. He has also published articles and presented papers on interreligious peacebuilding and Anabaptist conflict transformation approaches and is the editor of the book, 'From Suffering to Solidarity: The Historical Seeds of Mennonite Interreligious, Interethnic, and International Peacebuilding' (Wipf & Stock [Pickwick], 2015).