Ariane Machin

Clinical Psychologist, Body Image Activist, Co-Founder Conscious Coaching Collective

Dr. Ariane Smith Machín, Ph.D. is a Clinical and Sport Psychology, Life & Business Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs, and Professor of Psychology. She earned her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas and master’s degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Sport Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Her bachelor’s degree is from Franklin & Marshall College, where she competed on the women’s cross country team and first became interested in the field of exercise and sport psychology. At this time, she teaches graduate and undergraduate students at Capella and Kaplan Universities, and mentors female entrepreneurs in building their conscious businesses in her 1:1coaching and year-long programs. She is also a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry, is a Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Academic Psychiatry, and serves as the Chair of the Public Interest Committee for the Division 47 (Sport and Exercise Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. In her clinical work, Dr. Machín works extensively with the athlete population, including college athletes, elite club level teams, elite club level parents, college coaches, and athletic departments. She often works with athletes on performance enhancement skills training, and provides education and coaching/parenting strategies to parents, coaches, and athletic departments. Dr. Machín is passionate about helping individuals (athletes, ‘weekend warriors’, or casual exercisers) reach their goals and gain a sense of empowerment both in and out of sport! In addition, Dr. Machín also works with individuals experiencing body image and disordered eating patterns. She has given presentations at national conferences and published numerous articles on her work with body image and eating disorder interventions within the female population, and is eager to assist others with their weight management goals or challenges moving toward a positive direction of self-empowerment, mindfulness, and growth. Dr. Machin can be found in numerous publications, including The Huffington Post, Family Circle Magazine, Women’s Health, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Shape Magazine, Refinery 29,, and MindSpace. She has also been featured in The Naughty Diet (2017). Dr. Machín resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three young children, and dog ‘Peanut’. When she is not teaching, writing, cooking, cleaning, talking, hanging with her husband, exercising, or running after her kids, she is enjoying a 5-minute cup of coffee in peace!