Aron N. Weinberg, Ph.D

Left and right are both besides the point

Aron wishes he wrote like Ernest Hemingway, but uses far too many words in his sentences to even be accused of trying to imitate him. He writes on the topics of politics, education, and psychology, with his earlier work focusing on the issue of guns on college campuses. Unable to resist gorging on the low-hanging, decomposing fruit that is grown on trees infected with pathogenic fungal blight - which the current administration claims are restoring grace and dignity to America's orchards - his current work is largely satirical, (and also sometimes contains metaphors.) Aron has a Master of Education degree in Mind, Brain & Education from Harvard University and a Ph.D in Special Education from The University of Texas at Austin. Note: My byline, "Left and right are both besides the point", is an aphorism coined by experimental social psychologist Sheldon Solomon.