Arshad Hasan

Executive Director, ProgressNow

Arshad Hasan joined the Progress Now team as Executive Director on his birthday in November of 2013, and he can't imagine a better gift than working with this talented, savvy team of communications professionals 23 states.

Before coming to Progress Now, Arshad was the Executive Director of Democracy For America (DFA) for six years. In that time he doubled and then nearly tripled the size and reach of the organization, leading it through the challenges and triumphs of running a progressive political organization active in all 50 states. Arshad originally joined DFA in 2005 where he built the organization's training program, growing it into one of the largest programs of its kind and training tens of thousands of activists online and in-person.

Prior to DFA, Arshad worked for a number of non-profits and political organizations doing electoral work, issue advocacy, corporate accountability, and fundraising.

When he's not working you might find him at Bikram Yoga, posing as an amateur mixologist, or learning how to bake via Youtube tutorials. Most years Arshad manages to take a short leave of absence to work in the trenches as an organizer on his favorite campaigns. Next time you see him, ask him where he's thinking of disappearing to next.