Ashley Trexler

Ashley Trexler runs <a href="">Lies About Parenting</a>, a website dedicated to keeping an <a href=""> open mind</a>. She's on a mission to raise open-minded and empathetic.

Ashley Trexler was named one of 2015’s Most Inspirational Bloggers. Published both online and in print, her work revolves around the theme of Conscious Change.

Ashley is the founder of the website Lies About Parenting and dedicated to debunking popular parenting advice that just doesn’t work while raising healthier, happier kids. A frequent contributor to some of the top parenting websites, Ashley’s writing has also been featured in The Washington Post. If you’re tired of the same old parenting advice everyone is spouting, get a fresh perspective by subscribing to Lies About Parenting.

Originally from Canada, she resides in the United States and travels the world, both for business and pleasure. She is a former international student recruiter, by way of being a luxury real estate sales consultant.

Ashley continues to advise a select group of real estate investors and is an advocate for a Montessori-based education system.