Ashli Mazer

First-Time Mommy • Full-Time Marketing Pro • Part-Time Blogger • No-Time Sleeper

Ashli is a first-time mommy, full-time marketing professional, part-time blogger and no-time sleeper. Ashli blogs on her website - It is about still want it all. Even though “all” is constantly redefined. It’s having a major presentation at work, and not sleeping because your toddler is up all night teething. It’s remembering to pack her diaper bag for the day, laying out dinner, throwing the credit card bill in the mail, remembering to grab your brief case, searching the house for your car keys that you know you saw your child play with the night before, it is walking into a board meeting with maple syrup on your pants and blouse from your rowdy baby, it’s checking in on her in between phones calls and emails and more meetings, its rushing home to get a phone call you are out of milk, it is walking in the front door and making dinner, throwing laundry in the washer and running your child’s bath before you realize your heels are still in. It's living backwards in high heels.