Thanos Dimadis


Thanos Dimadis has developed an extensive career in international journalism as a news correspondent and broadcast commentator from Washington DC, Athens and Brussels for the most prominent media organizations in the Meditteranean. Conducted several exclusive interviews with prominent figures as the foreign correspondent to the White House, State Department, IMF (Washington DC) and European Institutions (Brussels). Directed and presented series of TV news talk shows on the subjects of the European elections, German elections, EU politics, national politics. Produced, directed and presented on TV one of the most well-viewed documentaries on the Eurozone crisis. Contributed as a political analyst and commentator about the subjects of American politic. Authored a book on the Eurozone crisis. Columnist and writer on topics related to American and European politics, including the European and Greek financial crisis. Featured in the most prominent print and online publications in Athens (Efimerida ton Sintakton, Eleytheros Typos,, City Press, Free Sunday), in Brussels (, London (Guardian), and U.S. (Huffington Post, Fair Observer, Herald Tribune). He was born in Greece and grew up in Brussels, holding four master's degrees in the fields of European law, political science, media and communications management. George Washington University alumni. Distinguished schoolar of Alexander Onassis Foundation. Member of the International Organization of Journalists.