Auburn McCanta

Huffington Post Blogger

Auburn McCanta is an award-winning writer, poet, political activist and noted blogger. After ten years of working directly with homeless and at-risk individuals, McCanta founded and serves as Executive Director of HASPA, the Homeless Advocates and Service Providers Association, Inc. Her work provides a nonprofit platform for education and support for those who furnish specific homeless service and advocacy.

An Arizonan living in the heart of McCain Country, Auburn McCanta has a unique vantage point from which to launch critical viewpoints and observations as Americans struggle to face today’s economic crisis. McCanta’s fresh and passionate new voice allows readers to see the specific contrast and comparison between vital viewpoints.

Auburn McCanta’s respected and progressive ideas center on the concept that helping the least among us provides benefit to all. Her comments are designed to encourage the notion that we can each be that rising tide to help end poverty and restore dignity.