Aurora Chisté

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

Aurora Chisté, Founder of Hack for Big Choices, Global Shaper at WEF. Aurora Chisté, a proud immigrant but a perennial vagabond, is a native Italian currently based in San Francisco. In Silicon Valley, Aurora has pursued her passion for entrepreneurship, education and growth: devoting herself first to the startup world as an active entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, and in her current capacity as CEO and Co-Founder of Hack for Big Choices. Aurora also acts as innovation strategist to various companies, helping them to define new innovative strategies that help them to optimize their assets and improve their growth. Photography is her favorite tool to observe the world and tell stories that help us see a different reality because she believes that what we can see and imagine in our minds can also be projected into the world around us. Her work includes I’m a Woman project.

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