Davis Truyen

Internationally recognized expert on career development, has helped thousands of people bring their unique gifts to the world

Davis Truyen is a published author, career strategist and corporate coach. He consistently delivers memorable programs, thought provoking and life changing experiences, and motivates peak performance in business and in life. Prior to founding his own coaching business, Davis Truyen was the Business Development Director of a training company which has sold millions of dollars in consulting, teambuilding, workshops, and research to big names like Western Union, Samsung, Prudential, Sophie Paris, Manulife, British Council, Sony, DKSH, Panasonic, Vingroup, McKinsey and Fortune 500 companies. Davis is now a Certified Professional Coach from the ICCA that maintains a Board comprised of several Ph.D. and Masters level business persons, many of whom have graduated from prestigious institutions like Yale, Princeton and Harvard. Follow Davis Truyen on LinkedIn: