Avital Scharf

Co-Founder and CEO at

Avital is the CEO and Co-Founder who fused her passion for wellness and entrepreneurship into wellb - an app that promotes a healthier lifestyle by enabling access to a range of one-on-one wellness services at any time, location and price. Experience the marketplace that ”will change the way the world approaches wellness." (AOL, Feb 2016) Available on IOS, Android and web at Formely she was the founder of Jumpstart (a consulting firm for entrepreneurs) and IDW (a business development platform for Israel Design). Avital specializes in business development drawing on extensive experience in exploring international markets (USA, China) in both high-tech and design sectors. Avital holds a B.A. in Hebrew Literature and General Studies from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in Communications and Public Relations from N.Y. Institute of Technology, New York, USA.