Avni Patel Thompson

Entrepreneur, mama and traveler

Avni Patel Thompson is the founder and CEO of Seattle-based Poppy. Poppy is a Y Combinator and investor backed startup that makes lives easier for modern families by matching them to trusted and qualified childcare providers. Avni created Poppy because she was tired of feeling panicked and anxious every time she couldn't find someone trustworthy to care for her kids. She realized how powerful it would be to have a roster of talented caregivers only a text away. Her mission is to rebuild the safety net of villages for every family. Prior to taking the entrepreneurial leap, Avni led a successful career building consumer brands at P&G, BCG, adidas and Starbucks. Avni holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia and an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School. In her spare time, you’ll find Avni having a dance party with her 2 little girls and husband.