Brown Girl Magazine

Brown Girl is the premier publication tailored for the young millennial South Asian woman raised in the Diaspora.

Founded in 2008, Brown Girl Magazine, LLC is an online publication tailored and targeted for young South Asian women (and men) living in the Diaspora. Our volunteer staff of dedicated writers and administrators strive to make Brown Girl an outlet where South Asian women can feel empowered, express ideas, share stories and become pioneers in the community. At Brown Girl, you’ll find a variety of pertinent topics covering beauty and lifestyle, love and relationships, current events, entertainment, and culture/religion-related issues. Through features, interviews, anecdotes, reviews, recipes, event coverage and opinion posts, we hope to create a community that helps young women see their strengths, develop self-confidence and learn more about being a South Asian woman. In addition to sharing stories online, we have also built an offline community of strong, like-minded supporters who believe in our mission.