Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark

Marriage & Family Therapist, Writer

Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark has a passion for writing and human nature. Having a practice of Marriage & Family Therapy since 2002, she has enough material to combine the two, including her profound experiences as a therapist in a women’s prison program. With a holistic approach, and a specialty in adults with childhood trauma, she has personal and professional experiences in many unique methodologies that support individuals with healing deeply from the inside out. She has a private practice and has cofounded Caldwell-Clark Counseling, founded the Girl Uplifters Team, and is just a dissertation away from completing her doctorate in Holistic Psychology. Aimee believes in creating a strong sense of community and has a desire to give back and pay it forward. She grew up in NY and now lives in Southern CA with her husband and two young girls. She writes constantly - from poetry, children’s books, novels, to scripts - and hopes to be published. Her dream is to leave a legacy of uplifting others and living a full life with centeredness, joy, and lots of silliness.