Aziz Baig

Public Health Consultant

Aziz Baig is a medical doctor with a masters degree in Public Health from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and is currently working as a public health consultant with nonprofit organizations in South and Central Asia. He is based out of Texas, USA.

Before moving to the USA, Dr.Baig worked for renowned international relief and development agencies like Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (JHU), Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), Mission East and National Health Systems (NHS) in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan for more than 13 years. His expertise lies in maternal and child health, health system strengthening, infectious diseases, cross border health, water and sanitation and emergency health.

During his professional career in Afghanistan, Dr.Baig survived two life threatening incidents when some unidentified people attacked his guest house in Badakhshan with hand grenades in September 2004 and as a result, he and his other colleague sustained minor injuries. In a separate incident, he and his two co-workers were made hostage by unknown attackers and later on were released as result of the rescue operation led by a local commander. Despite of all these challenges, Dr.Baig stood firm to his unwavering commitment of serving the poor people in the province of Badakhshan which had the highest recorded maternal mortality in the world in 2002-03 [6,500 /100,000 live births]

Dr.Baig is an avid writer and has authored hundreds of articles on health issues in developing countries that have been published by renowned international magazines and newspapers. He also writes research papers for renowned international medical Journals. Dr.Baig has won gold medals and other awards for his exceptional academic achievements. He is also a member of the American Public Health Association. In his free time, Dr. Baig enjoys blogging about his travels and work.