Barbara A. Bernard

A facilitator of personal change, Barbara A. Bernard inspires others to discover their human potential.

The power of story influences the way Barbara A. Bernard learns, the way she teaches, and the way she lives each day. Her greatest joy comes with connecting big ideas, seeing patterns, and showing others how to apply the essence of those ideas to live with vibrancy and purpose. Barbara’s wide-ranging experience in social work, psychology, mediation, human resource development, and cross-cultural communication continually inform her teaching, her writing, and her life. Her forthcoming book, Leaving Shore: Making the Choice to Live in Discovery, grew out of experiences Barbara describes in her previous book, Birthdays of the Soul: Seeing Yourself Change in Times of Sea Change, and earlier in The Secret Gift: Growth in Times of Loss. Always curious and full of gratitude, Barbara finds inspiration through the awe and wonder in daily life. The thoughts she shares at her web site,, covey the simple, clear, powerful, and life-changing ideas she has gleaned from her personal journey living in discovery. Barbara inspires people to see new perspectives, to welcome opportunities, to notice the impact of their words, and to honor their individual contributions. Those around her know that when she recognizes new connections that resonate with her passion for helping people see possibilities and expand their lives, she will begin to dance.