Barbara Bruno

NFL Analyst and Commentator, Independent Film Producer

As a former dancer, Barbara developed an appreciation for the physical skills of professional football while still in her teens. After years of running a successful subscription "game picking" service, Barbara has returned to mainstream media and currently writes as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report.

A graduate of The College of William & Mary in Virginia and the Directors’ Guild of America Training Program, Barbara also holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre. Ms. Bruno worked in film and television production for many years, captaining major studio film sets and co-producing independent films. Ms. Bruno has appeared as an actor on Law and Order and other series and she has performed for multiple Manhattan theatres.

Barbara is a multi-genre writer, having completed a film script, a mini-series and a multi-media musical based on the life of Sally Rand -- the woman who invented the infamous fan dance! Barbara also writes fundraising grants and teaches film for the non-profit agency Streetlights, which creates careers in the Entertainment Industry for inner city young adults.