Barbara Fischkin

author of Muddy Cup and Confidential Sources

Barbara Fischkin is the author of the novel CONFIDENTIAL SOURCES (Bantam Dell, November 2006), a satire of journalism, love, war, marriage, parenting, autism and ice hockey. Her earlier books include the novel EXCLUSIVE and MUDDY CUP: A DOMINICAN FAMILY COMES OF AGE IN A NEW AMERICA, a work of narrative nonfiction. She is currently writing a nonfiction book about her son, Daniel Mulvaney, as he enters the adult world while battling -- and sometimes reveling in -- severe autism. Barbara Fischkin began working as a journalist in 1975. She was a Newsday staff reporter for years and her journalism has also been published in the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, WigWag and numerous other magazines and newspapers. She has taught journalism at New York University and at Adelphi University and wrote the Not Calm political column for Fox News Online, where she enraged many readers with her "liberal" views. Most recently, Barbara is hosting a radio show called Maverick Mama on

Barbara Fischkin lives on Long Island with her husband Jim Mulvaney, a private investigator and Pulitzer-prize winning former investigative editor and reporter and their two sons Dan -- and Jack: the mythic long-suffering sibling who is also a star hockey player. For more please see