Barry Cooper

Law lecturer and filmmaker

Barry was once considered one of America’s top drug agents who was trained by and worked joint operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, U.S. Military and Border Patrol. As a form of penance, he used his experience as a former drug agent to produce a series of instructional videos titled, NeverGetBusted, that teaches citizens how to avoid being arrested for marijuana crimes. Flanking, he produced an Internet reality show called, KopBusters, where he brought attention to a mother of two illegally incarcerated after police planted drugs in her car. The sting was designed to embarrass the police and trick them into raiding a trap house rigged with hidden cameras and a fake marijuana grow room. Although he and his family suffered severe government retaliation for the operation, the sting was a success because Yolanda Madden was released from federal prison and remains free today. Barry is currently a law lecturer, expert witness and filmmaker who operates the website,

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