Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.


As a guide and interpreter of the complexities of government and public affairs, Barry Goldwater is skilled and knowledgeable. As a former member of Congress from California, many of the current Congressional Committee Chairmen served with Goldwater. He has a first name relationship with most. His family name is familiar to many in Washington, California and Arizona.

Goldwater has protected a client company from further asbestos litigation by helping to place appropriate amendments in pending legislation. He has pushed for oversight hearings that will look into the U.S. Customs arbitrary application of tariffs on US companies that remanufacture products in Mexico. Such actions threaten to penalize an American manufacturer for simply trying to use common sense business practices.

As ranking member of the Energy Research and Development Subcommittee he has a working knowledge of energy matters. He has guided client companies through the Department of Energy, Agriculture and Interior. He was successful in placing certain tax incentives in the current legislation regarding renewable energy concepts.

As a ranking member of the Aviation Subcommittee and with over three thousand hours as a licensed pilot, he is familiar with aviation partnership needs with the US Government. He has worked with the Department of Defense, NASA and the Aviation Administration.

In Civic matters, Goldwater has increased client companies public profile in the Phoenix community. He has involved them in Charities, associations, and politics. He has introduced the CEO and Chairmen to important local leaders. He has organized political action committees. He has brought politicians into meet with employees and he has advised on political involvement by executives.

On Board of Directors, Goldwater believes his role is to identify risks that could preclude a company from achieving its objectives. He believes we operate in a world where we can not assume anything.

With wit, experience and candor rivaling the best of personalities and an appreciation for the need to balance the daily travails of life with humor, Barry Goldwater Jr. offers a blend of knowledge that can make a significant contribution.

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