Brandy Bonner

I am a Best-Selling Author, Empowerment Coach, and Personal Development Speaker.

My name is Brandy Bonner. You can call me Dream Queen. I Am a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach. I show people how to go from living a nightmare to living the life of their dreams. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years. I am the mother of one brilliant 12-year-old​ daughter. I have changed my life dramatically over the past year. After multiple failed jobs, I realized it was time to accept that I am an entrepreneur and take control over my life. I was mildly successful at first, but something was getting in my way. In August,of this year, we decided I would homeschool my daughter. Suddenly my issues were in my face. I had been a depressed and sad person most of my life. Even though I finally had a good life, I still felt a sense of sadness.Well now that I was going to be my daughter's only role model, I had to get myself together quickly. I did not want her to grow up to be a sad and depressed person. And I wanted to be the teacher that her and I would both love. This began my intense, overnight transformation. I now have daily rituals that I learned from the top Personal Development teachers. I also learned how to dream again and turn my dreams into intentional action and make all my dreams come true. I now love my life. I work on my mindset, vibrations, and my dream life everyday. I am now sharing my story with the world, “My journey through my nightmares to my dream life.”