Becky Rosenthal

Vintage Mixer

My name is Becky and I have a confession to make. I romanticize my grandmother’s era. I grew up in Texas going to parties she hosted eating food she carfully made in a warm home. Perhaps I’m a victim of Golden Age thinking, but I think she could teach our era how to host a party, warm up a room, welcome strangers, cook for them and strike up a meaningful conversation. We could learn from her how to sit down, eat and enjoy each other.

The heart of Vintage Mixer is about a meal, a table and a conversation. Our calendars could fill as quickly as we allow, so we have to fight for these moments. Sadly, hosting and hospitality rarely make it on our schedule. It feels like an after-thought, like something we do if we can’t figure out what else to do or, worse, we do it half-heartedly valuing nothing more than simply getting it over with. It’s time to gather around a table again with a meaningful meal and get to know each other.

Though Vintage Mixer takes up some of my time, it doesn't take up all of it. I also do a lot in my hometown of Salt Lake City. I run a local food resource called SLCfoodie and we hold events called SLCmixers.

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