Ben Eisendrath

Owner and designer-in-chief of <a href="" target="_hplink">Grillworks Inc</a>, purveyer of fine wood-fired grills

Ben Eisendrath is the owner and CEO of Grillworks Inc, makers of The Grillery line of artisanal wood-fired grills. The handmade grills are the open fire equipment of choice for culinary luminaries including Dan Barber and Steven Raichlen, going back to James Beard himself, who called his "Magnificent".

Grillworks builds every model around a patented height adjustment system that allows precise heat management over live flame or coals. A signature V-Channel cooking surface captures juices before they are lost to the fire, allowing for basting and sauce preparation with the food's own moisture. They are designed to arm chefs with the widest possible range of natural wood grilling options, enabling international techniques not achievable on a typical backyard grill.

Ben is on a quest to bring the world's open fire food home to you.