Ben Arnon

Social commentary on digital media, technology, politics, culture and society

Ben Arnon offers social commentary on a wide array of topics, covering politics, technology, digital media, visual arts, culture and society. Ben is also a photographer and visual journalist whose focus is documentary reportage, street portraiture, and the impact of human existence on urban landscapes. See his work at Additionally, Ben has experience working in media for over 19 years at companies that include Jersey Films, Universal Pictures, Universal Music Group, Yahoo! Media, Blue State Digital, and Google. Ben joined Google via the company's acquisition of the social media marketing tech startup, Wildfire. Originally from White Plains, New York, Ben earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Ben completed an Honors thesis at Emory entitled 'Packaging Racial Identities: Market Segmentation in the U.S. Recorded Music Industry,' which examines the ways in which race has historically been utilized in the production, distribution and marketing of recorded music. He later received an MBA in General Management from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, California. Ben currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Ben also represented the 36th Congressional District of California as a Delegate for Barack Obama in 2008. Please feel free to contact Ben at: Views expressed in Ben's blog posts are personal views and not affiliated with any company or organization.