Ben Barber

Journalist, editor, photographer, aid worker

BEN BARBER Ben Barber is a reporter and author of GROUNDTRUTH: Work, Play and Conflict in the Third World. Barber was a foreign correspondent for the London Observer, USA TODAY, the Washington Times, the Christian Science Monitor and other publications. He has appeared on CNN, FOX, the BBC and many other news broadcasts, and his articles have been published in the Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, London Observer, Chicago Sun Times, Christian Science Monitor, Salon and others. In 2008 Barber was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the Washington Times. He taught foreign policy at Georgetown University and George Mason University, and taught journalism in 10 African countries for the U.S. Information Agency. In 2011-13 he was Communications Director for the Blacksmith Institute, an NGO cleaning toxic waste in the Developing countries. He was State Department bureau chief for the Washington Times (1994-2003); and served as senior writer for the US Agency for International Development (2003-2010), reporting from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

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