Bennett Ramberg, Ph.D.

Nuclear proliferation and terrorism expert

Bennett Ramberg (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, J.D. UCLA), is a nationally recognized expert on nuclear weapons proliferation, terrorism and international politics. Over the years, he has been a foreign policy analyst and/or consultant to the Department of State (Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs), U.S. Senate, Nuclear Control Institute, Henry Stimson Center, Global Green and Committee to Bridge the Gap. His academic appointments have included positions at Princeton, Stanford, and UCLA.

Dr. Ramberg has published six books on international security issues and is best known for what many believe is the classic treatment of the vulnerability of nuclear power plants to military attack and terrorist sabotage, Nuclear Power Plants as Weapons for the Enemy (University of California Press.) His journal publications have appeared in Foreign Affairs, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Political Science Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Survival, Arms Control Today, Group Decision and Negotiation, Communication and the Law and the Croatian Medical Review.

Over the past six years, Dr. Ramberg has authored over 60 Op-Eds on international and domestic security for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Baltimore Sun, International Herald Tribune, Washington Times, Christian Science Monitor, Jerusalem Post, The Guardian, Orange County Register, UPI and through Project Syndicate, dozens of newspapers around the world. Earlier Op-Eds appeared in the Washington Post, and Arizona Republic. His media appearances include CNN, MSNBC and every Los Angeles local TV station. He has been a guest on a number of radio talk shows.

Currently Bennett Ramberg is a Los Angeles-based writer, foreign policy consultant and businessman. He also directs the Global Security Seminar which brings together foreign policy experts residing in Los Angeles for monthly dinner meetings at the UCLA Faculty Center.