Benni Cinkle

14-year-old singer and anti-bullying activist

Benni Cinkle rose to Internet fame in March, 2011 when she appeared in the "Friday" music video that went viral on the Internet. Immediately after the "Friday" video began to spread, Benni became a target for aggressive online bullying. She was ridiculed by the world for her awkward dancing, but instead of reacting defensively or shying away, she met her critics with wit and candor. Soon, anonymous bullies became die-hard fans and Benni's online reputation as a fun, approachable, and down-to-earth teen began to grow. Aware that she had stumbled on a platform that offered international reach, Benni decided to use the attention to raise awareness for the causes she cares about most.

In September 2011, in response to the request of online fans from around the world, Benni released her single and music video, "Can You See Me Now." The song (originally a ballad) was written by Benni in 2010 when she was reading what kids were posting online on an anonymous website. Their stories of abuse, depression, molestation, and self-mutilation inspired her to write her message of hope for all troubled teens around the world.