Bernadette Coveney Smith

Gay wedding planner, educator and expert

Bernadette Coveney Smith is the nation’s leading same-sex wedding expert. She is founder and president of <a href="" target="_hplink">14 Stories</a>, the first company in the U.S. specializing in planning legal same-sex weddings. 14 Stories has offices in New York and Boston.<br /> <br /> In 2004, when gay marriage was first legalized in Massachusetts, Bernadette envisioned a wedding production company for engaged same-sex couples looking to navigate a traditional wedding industry. Since then, she and her team have produced hundreds of gay and lesbian weddings, working with couples from 33 U.S. states.<br /> <br /> Bernadette’s expertise has been featured on the <em>Today Show</em>, the BBC, CNN, National Public Radio and in the <em>New York Times</em>, the <em>Washington Post</em>, Travel and Leisure, among others. Bernadette is author of the book <a href=";USRI=bernadette+coveney+smith" target="_hplink"><em>Gay Wedding Confidential</em></a>. Bernadette also developed the first <a href="" target="_hplink">gay wedding planning app</a> for iPhone and Android. She regularly <a href="" target="_hplink">speaks about gay weddings</a> around the country.<br /> <br /> Bernadette, her wife Jen and son Patrick live in New York City.