Bernadette M. Farrell Psychologist

Bernadette has worked as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Executive Coach Psychologist in Dublin, Ireland for over twenty years and is the author of “How to End the Worry Habit” and "Sleep Book for the Perfect Night's Sleep".

As a therapist she has worked mainly with people who were stressed, anxious, worried and sleep deprived. The people that she saw were referred to her by their General Medical Practitioners or by word of mouth. She used a Cognitive Behavioral approach that worked by helping people to evaluate and change their doing and thinking behaviors. Bernadette holds a Masters (Hons.) degree in Psychology from University College Dublin and was a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland for over twenty years. She is a graduate of the U.S based William Glasser Institute and is a Certified Coach (Quality and Qualifications Ireland). She is a Certified Assessor for the Bar-On EQ-i psychometric tool. Bernadette has also researched and developed a knowledge/education based program for the treatment of panic attacks She was Director at Advance Psychological Services, Templeogue, Dublin Ireland for several years,. Her previous experience included her role as Psychologist at The Albany Clinic, Lr. Fitzwilliam St., Dublin 2. Her book “How to End the Worry Habit” illustrates the methods and techniques Bernadette has used successfully, in over twenty years as a psychologist with people who were anxious, worried or fearful of change. Readers are shown how to change how they feel, by changing the way that they think. "Sleep Book for the Perfect Night's Sleep" tells readers how to tackle and tame those behaviors that get in the way of a good, natural night’s sleep. The book includes techniques, which show how to enhance the brain’s natural ability to achieve quality sleep. Readers can learn how to ‘switch off’ at bedtime and how to get to sleep without ‘trying’ or putting in effort. The book also includes a wonderful mindfulness exercise that Bernadette has used to help hundreds of people get the perfect night’s sleep.